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Pun emocija, tradicije i gostoprimljivih ljudi uvek spremnih da Vas ljubazno dočekaju, i povedu sa sobom u nezaboravnu avanturu...

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Events in May Linija


International Erotic Fair, "Hot Fair Sweet & Sexy" erotic happening in Belgrade.

31. May 2007 - 02. June 2007, Belgrade Faire Hall III


Tour de Serbie is an event with the longest tradition in our country. It dates back to 1939. For the third time the race will take place under a slogan “Cycling and tourism together”. The goal of the race, besides its recreational character, is also the affirmation of Serbian tourism, its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and hospitality of our people.


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Sterija Theater Festival

The Sterija Theater Festival, a national drama festival and theater contest, was established in 1956, the 150th and 100th anniversaries of playwright Jovan “Sterija” Popović’s birth and death, respectively. The theater festival gathers local and international professional theaters, which stage plays written by local playwrights. The permanent national drama festivity promotes theatrical art and encourages the development of drama.

Motifs of Homolje

Ethno festival in Homolje, one of the most beautiful regions of Serbia. Includes an ethno food cooking contest, Shepherd Miss contest, gold rinsing contest and an ethno music festival. Famous Homolje aged cheese for sale. Unique and inspiring. This event focuses on the old way of panning for gold in the Pek River. It also features contests in the preparation of Wallachian dishes, spindle making, sheep milking and wool spinning, as well as all-round shepherd sports competitions. Traditional folk music players, dancers and singers from all parts of Serbia perform at the event, which also showcases folk arts and crafts and stages a selling exhibition of Homolje cheese.

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Youth Budget Accommodation


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